“I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with one of your staff members by the name of William Vigil! My son has been at CHLA for about 7 months now, and it has been a really rough journey with him. 我每天都在停车场进进出出, and William Vigil is one of the parking attendants that works in the parking structure. 他对顾客的服务和善良堪称典范! It is so wonderful to be treated with respect and kindness by this gentleman in the parking lot, 总是微笑着向我挥手致意. I just wanted to let you know that he is a wonderful asset to your organization.”


“I just wanted to let you know what a blessing the new Valet Service that has been implemented at the Hospital was to myself and daughter in law recently. 我儿子在医院住了8天. 在他逗留期间,我们每天都使用代客服务. Elias was awesome, always running to get someone’s vehicle, even in that awful heat that week. He always greeted us with a friendly manner and smile and greeted us by our name. 在他轮班快结束的时候, he would bring our vehicles over and leave our keys with the concierge or we would go get our keys from him before he left. 在一天结束的时候,当你和你爱的人度过了漫长的一天, 你的车停在那里的感觉很棒. 伊莱亚斯是贴身男仆服务的最佳人选. 而且,礼宾员海德总是面带微笑,很友好. Just thought you would like to know how we and many others have come to appreciate this new service.”


“我在格伦代尔基督复临医疗中心工作了十多年, and I feel it is important to share with you the positive impact one of your employees is having at our hospital. 约瑟夫·洛佩斯对你的团队来说是一个很好的补充. He greets each employee with kindness, warmth and professionalism that is commendable. 他很快就能记起我们开的是什么车, 当他看到我们从下面接近停车场时, 他找到了我们的钥匙,拿着, 祝你度过一个愉快的夜晚,或者其他一些真诚的话. Seeing Joseph at the end of a long and exhausting day always puts a smile on my face. 他真是个奇才.”

— Heather Ward, LMFT, Behavioral Health Therapy Supervisor Center for Behavioral Health & 康复服务格兰岱尔复临医疗中心


“Ron, who was at the front entrance during the entire weekend stay was excellent and very personable.”


“We received great comment cards in regards to our Valet team there, please see below.

Several customers states that the Valet was great, helpful, accommodating, and very personal. 男仆总是把名字和车都记好了. One customer stated “Rick, Gary and Rueben at the valet are the best thing they have there. They are the first people you meet, so they really set the tone, and they are just fantastic. 对这些人,尤其是瑞克和加里,赞不绝口吗.”

Kathleen Callahan说, “所有的员工都很亲切和专业, 但我想在客人登记/代客服务区单独点名勒内. 他帮助了很多客人,让每个人都觉得自己是最重要的. 当我感谢他的好意时, his response was that he loves helping others and that he was grateful we were visiting his property. His sincerity was obvious and one of the reasons I’m starting to stay at Hyatt’s more regularly. 谢谢你!.”

Viry Esquivel和Sampson Thom是这样描述他们的经历的, “首先也是最重要的, I would like to extend my gratitude to the staff at Hyatt Regency at Indian Wells. My boyfriend is an active United States Marine, who had just recently had ACL knee surgery. We wanted a weekend getaway and decided on this location based on our past experiences with Hyatt resorts. 我们一到达就受到了很棒的工作人员的欢迎. We checked-in with Jon who allowed us to check in early and provided us a room with a great pool view. After day one, the valet staff had gotten to know us and greeted us everywhere we went.

I work for AAA who strives to be superior in service and this is by far exceptional service. 每个人都在帮我男朋友,问我们过得怎么样. 我得说服务员在客户服务方面做得很好. We dined at Agave and were taken good care of by the servers and bartenders there. 每个人都发挥了如此突出的作用,使我们的逗留超越伟大. 在一个努力实现日常客户服务目标的领域工作, 我得说,总的来说,我们对这次住宿非常满意.

没有什么能让我们有不一样的感觉. 我们还获准在下午4点晚退房, 这几乎是闻所未闻的, 但是管理人员理解我们的航班要到下午6点才起飞. My boyfriend and I plan to come back for my birthday and look forward to more new memories and great service with the Hyatt Regency family and staff!”



“I just spoke with one of our residents that has been using Covina Transit for some time, Ms. Cheryl Burki,她想与PCAM分享她的美好经历. She felt that service has improved markedly since the transition, particularly with the dispatchers. Ms. Burki states that she has not been refused a ride since your company has taken over, 保留地主义者“知道他们在做什么,而且“根本没有任何问题”.” Specifically, she has mentioned that Maria the dispatcher has been very helpful. Ms. Burki has stated that she’s already shared her satisfaction with Mario in the past but wanted to make sure that the City is aware of her experiences as well. 谢谢你的努力!”


“我只是想给你捎个主管的口信, Tina Cherry; she took the shuttle to Station Square for one of our Concerts at the Park events and said the service was terrific. She also mentioned that Moses was very professional and provided excellent service. The best part was that Moses was not aware that he was driving a Director and Division Manager and still provided great service. Just wanted to pass this along and thank you guys for the excellent service you’ve been providing. 再接再厉!”

——Alex Tachiki

“We have been receiving numerous calls regarding Monrovia news from passengers asking to speak to managers, today was one of those days where I received a call from a passenger named Maria Parkensen expressing her feelings on how thankful and happy she is of PCA taking over the transportation for Monrovia she expressed how delightful and helpful dispatch is every time she calls she never receives a NO for an answer she’s always given what she needs or she’s offered different options. She also made great remarks on all drivers expressing how they have all been courteous, 有礼貌的, and helpful she mentioned the city never had this well of service in the past.”